Fruitometry’s orchard scanning technology

Fruitometry’s digital crop estimate enables growers and orchard managers to see how their crop is performing throughout the growing season in real-time to help maximise yields, reduce growing costs and provide accurate pre-harvest estimates.

How it works

The Field Units mounted on our quad bikes and ATVs contain a range of cameras and sensors that capture crop density information and orchard characteristics.

We capture topographical data such as longitude, latitude and altitude, along with 3D image capture from multiple camera angles.

For each orchard scan many thousands of photos are taken. These are then processed in real time using the latest artificial intelligence deep learning engine to identify buds, shoots, flowers, fruit and canopy characteristics.

Density mapping and report

This rich dataset is then used to create a summary density heat map and reports you can use to make decisions on how to improve your orchard performance by pinpointing areas that require attention and directing labour there.

What to expect when you book a scan

When you schedule a scan with Fruitometry, we use your orchard map to identify any hazards or special requirements and plan our approach.

  • Fruitometry uses industry best practices wash down techniques to mitigate against the risk of biohazard orchard cross-contamination.
  • All our ATV operators are certified by DriveZone.
  • One Fruitometry Field Unit (FU) can scan up to 3 hectares per hour at a safe speed of 12 km/h.
  • Our Field Units will only operate in weather conditions that meet Fruitometry Health and Safety guidelines. Light rain is tolerated for brief periods.
  • Fruitometry uses a suite of health and safety tools to manage worker safety including Fleetpin, Safe365 and Onside.

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