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Kiwifruit flower buds scanning

Kiwifruit fruitlet scanning

Kiwifruit fruit scanning

Fruitometry services

Using Fruitometry’s digital crop estimate across the growing season provides growers and managers with insights to make earlier crop management decisions. Our current technology can be utilised at the following stages of the growing season.

Winter buds

The winter bud scan can be done as soon as the cane has been tied down and the orchard is mulched. Winter buds are reported as counts per square metre and serves as a quality check on winter pruning and to pinpoint areas that may need more wood removed before budburst.


Shoots can be detected after the buds have burst (at least 2cm long) but before the shoots start to overlap each other. A shoot density heat map can be used to assess bud burst rate, early management of flower bud numbers and a shoot knockout strategy.

Flower buds

Flowers buds can be measured when the buds are fully developed, preferably just before the flowers open. The density of flower buds can be reported per square metre and can assist with the thinning strategy by identifying heavier loaded zones.


Fruitlet density can be mapped as early as 14 days after fruit set. This helps with identifying and planning for fruitlet thinning and understanding the variation of fruit set across the orchard.


A fruit digital crop estimate is useful for final thinning decisions and to estimate the harvest.

“Fruitometry is simply the most accurate way of managing crop load in our orchard. The density reports give a clear picture of where the work needs to be.”

Marc Jenkins, PacificHort

When to scan your orchard

Winter Buds

July to

Winter prune and tie down is complete

Assess quality of winter pruning

Target areas of overloaded buds

Early indication
of crop load



Shoots longer than 2cm but not overlapping each other

Early management of flower bud numbers

Assessment of bud burst rate

Shoot knockout strategy

Flower Buds

October to

Just before flower bud opens

Define king flower load thinning strategy

Early crop load indication


November to

14 days after fruit set

Early thinning

Optimise labour resources

Assessment of crop variability

Early harvest estimate


January to

Crop load management

Harvest estimation

Optimise harvest labour and resources

Market allocation planning

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