First 2023 Harvest Accuracy Results

12 May 2023

Impressive accuracy on our first packout comparisons for 2023 harvest.
UPDATE 30/05 – Our predictions are outstanding: 96.1% accurate on the first set of 21 data points.

With new results arriving the remarkable accuracy trend is getting confirmed and this is great news for the whole industry. This season we have still to find a data point below 93% accuracy which is fantastic.
After a season is finished, we collect packout reports from clients we scanned between January and harvest and compare our predictions with the packout results on an Maturity Area basis. We select data that is valid and reliable for this type of analysis: when no fruit thinning has occurred between scans and harvest. This is the ultimate ground truth we can compare our predictions with.

We are proud to see the result of these years of hard work and quick-turnaround, a high-quality service to predict and optimise the whole kiwifruit supply chain.
Our pre-harvest density estimates are based upon orchard scans performed up to 12 weeks before harvest.

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