Frequently asked questions

How does your equipment count orchard features?

Thousands of images captured along with topographical data are processed using our latest artificial intelligence models to identify winter buds, shoots, flower buds, fruitlets or fruit. These are reported to you as counts per square metre for each row and block, along with a density heat map that depicts the variation on a high resolution grid.

Does it count laterals?

For fruitlets and fruit, our system counts each fruit, including laterals, separately. During the flower bud stage, it recognises laterals but only counts the king buds.

When is the earliest that you can scan for fruitlets?

The earliest we can detect fruitlets is 14 days after the fruit set, or when the flower petals have fallen and the fruitlet circumference is wider than the stigma.

How accurate are your digital crop estimates?

When we compared our 2022 fruit estimates to the pack outs report we found that our estimates were 94% accurate. You can find out more about the accuracy of our technology in our 2022 Harvest Estimate Accuracy article.

Can your system differentiate between male and female winter buds, flower buds and shoots?

Yes, our detection models have been trained to only detect female winter buds, flower buds and shoots.

How long does it take to get the results?

We provide reports within 24 hours to enable orchard owners and managers to make decisions and take action.