About Fruitometry

In 2018 Chris Miller, founder of Fruitometry and creator of the Fruitometry Digital Crop Estimation (DCE) technology, was asked if he could develop software to count the kiwifruit in an orchard’s canopy. 

Chris Miller had spent the previous 17 years as lead software engineer for Team New Zealand, transforming the performance of their onboard equipment with machine vision and artificial intelligence using neural networks.

Chris sold his Auckland home and moved to Katikati where he formed Fruitometry. Since then he has developed fast, proprietary software to convert fruit images into actionable orchard analytics. Fruitometry can produce density maps within 24 hours of an orchard scan using an in-house processing cluster rather than relying on slow and expensive cloud based processing and storage services.

Fruitometry has had the support of a research and development grant from Callaghan Innovation.


Since 2020, Fruitometry’s commercial service has:

Scanned over 3,000 hectares of kiwifruit
Detected 1.2 billion kiwifruit features, from winter buds to fruit
Processed and stored 65 million commercial kiwifruit images
Surveyed over 8,000 kilometres on-orchard
Captured over 850 petabytes of sensor data


“Fruitometry is simply the most accurate way of managing crop load in our orchard. The density reports give a clear picture of where the work needs to be.”

Marc Jenkins, PacificHort

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